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Based on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie, actor Anthony Mackie portrayed Black Super Hero The Falcon.  The Falcon, defender of Harlem NY, is a close friend of Captain America in the Marvel Comic world.  Sam Wilson, the social worker who turns into super hero The Falcon, is one of Harlem's staunchest crime fighters. Wilson, as The Falcon, flies using a winged costume and has remarkable combat prowess and powers that allows him to connect with birds. Trained by Captain America and equipped with African Wakandan technology provided by The Black Panther (aka T’Challa), Falcon is ready to battle evil for you! Bring home today this 10-inch Plush figure of The Falcon as portrayed by Anthony Mackie.  

Captain America 2 Movie: Civil War The Falcon 10” Plush Figure

SKU: 191459
  • Sam Wilson (The Falcon aka Brother Super Hero) was born in Harlem, NY into a family of a prominent local minister. After Wilson lost his parents to violent tragedies he became a respected neighborhood social worker to try to better his community. Social worker by public identity, Wilson defends the streets of his hometown both in costume and out of it.  As the Falcon, Wilson had been solely a rooftop-swinging athlete until the Black Panther** (aka T'challa) provided him with African Wakandan technology that enabled him to truly fly. The Black Panther crafted a new costume for Wilson, which included glider wings that were powered by sunlight and linked to Wilson’s brain.


    **The Black Panther (aka T’Challa) is the chieftain of the Wakandas as well as the head of the Black Panther nation.  Wakanda is a small nation in North East Africa who for centuries remained in isolation and are now considered the most technologically advanced nation of the planet in the Marvel Comic book world.


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